Chris Young shares story behind 'I'm Comin' Over'

Chris Young's new song "I'm Comin' Over" is already doing great for him and now he is sharing the story behind where this song came from originally. On Wednesday, Grand Ole Opry went to their YouTube channel to share a video with Young where he talks all about this new song. It is also the first song from his upcoming album.

Young revealed that he had kind of forgot where this song came from. He wrote the song with Corey Crowder and Josh Hoge. Young said that once they got in the room and started writing they really liked what they were coming up with so they just kept doing it over and over again to get great music. It sounds like these three are an amazing group to put together and write music.

This song was Young's idea, but they wrote so much together that he actually forgot that and had to clarify before sharing it. They write really fast together and can get a song out in less than an hour and a half. At shows, they already had people singing all the words to this one right away. The song was the fastest paced in sales that Young has ever had.

Chris Young says that growing up in Nashville totally helped influence his writing. He said that he learned the tools of the trade from someone that had been doing it for a long time. Every time he plays at the Grand Ole Opry he really enjoys it. There is so much history coming from this stage that Young just really enjoys being there.

"I'm Comin' Over" will be on his new album that is coming out soon. This is the only single that has been released so far. The new album will hit stores on November 13. This is one album you do not want to miss.