Couple gets engaged, Chris Young stops shows to congratulate them

Chris Young recently stopped one of his shows to congratulate a couple who got engaged in the audience. On Monday, Taste of Country shared about what happened during his concert. This all went down at Washington’s Watershed Festival. One lucky girl was dancing away with her boyfriend when he decided it was time to pop the question.

Young was performing his hit song "Who I Am With You" while the man was hiding a ring box behind the back of his girlfriend. He was mouthing the words to Chris Young's song. He held up the ring box to show it off and everyone started to pay attention to him. Once she realized what was going on, the girlfriend broke into tears. Luckily someone was able to get it all on video and share it on YouTube. There were cameras up everywhere as the proposal was going on so they probably didn't even notice that someone was only recording them.

He held the ring up for quite a bit as she stands there crying, realizing what is going on. Everyone is paying attention to them instead of Chris Young and of course Young even starts to notice. As he is putting the ring on her finger, Chris stops the show to make sure everyone notices and sends out a congratulation to the happy couple. Chris yells out asking "Did she say yes?" He says "Congratulations! God bless you." Then he starts to sing right to them as he finishes up the song.

This is just Chris Young showing once again how much he appreciates his fans. It wasn't all about his music at that point, but instead was about the amazing couple that was going to share the rest of their lives together. You never know what you will see at a Chris Young concert.