Demi Lovato performs 'Really Don't Care' at 2014 Teen Choice Awards

Demi Lovato appeared at the Teen Choice Awards last night and became two separate people, or at least that is what it looked like when she walked the red carpet sporting one mode of garb and then hopped into another for her on stage perfromance. It wasn’t just the outfits that she wore, even her demeanor seemed to change, as if she was two different people. No matter the outfit she had or what mode she was in, she was striking!

MTV Music News reported on Aug. 11 that Lovato did a “total 180” from the red carpet to the stage. The funny part about the two different looks that were seen last night is that they both looked perfectly natural. She dropped jaws as she put all her energy into "Really Don't Care", and along with that outfit, she gave fans an amazing moment to remember.

She opened the show and won two major awards at the event, so she couldn’t have been more present at the Teen Choice Awards 2014. The crowd loved her, which was made evident by the cheers both for her appearance and performance.

Her hair cut was edgy, but she pulled it off without a hitch, suggested the Mail Online today. Lovato donned her gorgeous white dress on the red carpet. The gold embellishment around her lapel framing the mesh panel added a touch of class to the outfit. The gold shoes finished her look off to perfection.

While she looked marvelous in the white dress, it just didn’t seem like the proper stage garb, and apparently that is why she decided to change into the leather outfit for her performance. The tight leather pants with the short matching jacket gave Lovato a touch of bad girl, that softened as soon as her angelic voice filled the air.

She got on stage in head to toe leather by Moschino, as the designer's letters were showcased in bright gold metal letters in a few places! Besides her great choice in clothes, Lovato took home two awards last night. She took home the awards for “Choice Summer Song” and “Choice Summer Music Star”, but she also created a buzz with her leather and lace looks, as well as her performance of “Really Don’t Care.”