Detroit area condo group sues Motown legend Aretha Franklin
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Despite being one of the most famous singers on the planet, and being a Detroit treasure that helped to start and shape of history's biggest and best sounds of music from Motown, it seems like not everybody is a fan of the Queen of Soul herself, Aretha Franklin. Over the weekend, a Bloomfield Township condominium association announced that they were suing the legendary singer for over $11,000.

The condo association told the media that they want to foreclose on a property that is owned by the Motown singer. They claim that Franklin is in non-payment of more than $11,563 in fees and maintenance assessments. The lawsuit itself, which was filed by the Hills of Lone Pine Association, which is an upscale and private community in Bloomfield Hills, names Aretha Franklin, Ally Financial Inc., and CitiMortgage Inc. as the responsible parties for the said unpaid assessments on a 4,148-square-foot condo valued at an astonishing $695,380 with five bedrooms and six and a half bathrooms.

City records show that the superstar singer took out a $500,000 mortgage on the property back in 1997, though the court documents and county tax records also revealed that all charges appear to be paid in full through 2015. Both of the two mortgage companies named in the lawsuit hold a mortgage on the property mentioned above. The attorney who filed the lawsuit for the condo association would not comment on the filing and would neither confirm or deny that Franklin was the sole person being sued in the case.

Aretha Franklin, now 73 years old, is listed as the co-owner of the large condo, and not as the single owner. Franklin is also shown as having another residence within the township of Bloomfield and that one is listed as her primary residence as all court and tax mailings are directed to that address, and not the address for the condo in question. Franklin states that the property is hers, but claims she does not live there and has had disagreements with the condo association over costs in the past.

“It is my property. I don’t live there and feel I have (been) overcharged for years,” Franklin said. “My attorney has been discussing this with them. And I have paid what I felt was credible and legitimate.”

Since 1989, Aretha Franklin has been reportedly in charge of much of her finances, in contrast to many other pop star singers. The Queen of Soul prides herself on being independent, and ending up in a courtroom has become commonplace for the singer as she often has to fight off lawsuits. Recently, Franklin herself was in court to stop the showing of a film until they could properly figure out how to compensate her for her appearance within it.

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