Exclusive: D'Chrome Foster Launches #LoveMyBounce Women's Empowerment Movement

Greetings, Roc city music lovers and women everywhere! Today AXS:Rochester has something very exclusive to share with you! As a part of the ongoing efforts to both report about artists who perform in/ around the 585 area and scour the web for things that are creating a buzz in the area now, or the suspected near future, a delightful artist in the NYC by the name of D'Chrome has taken center stage. With quite the movement going, he is kick starting his #LoveMyBounce campaign which is geared towards women's empowerment. No stranger to the feminist movement, this young man has been put to the test and you'll likely be impressed with what you find out!

Presenting...5 Questions with D'Chrome!

Q: For those who are yet unfamiliar, can you give some background history on your career and how you got where you are today?

D'Chrome: Rap, Art, Acting, Love-- those are my passions! I came up in New York Hip-Hop. I performed at clubs in the LES, Jersey, Brooklyn. Anywhere I could get a chance. Conservatory training really opened up my eyes to the power of art and it's capacity to do real good in society. I found a dignity and divinity from which to draw and that gave my music purpose.

Q: What made you want to choose the cause of women's empowerment? What does it mean to you?

D'Chrome: It's HUMAN empowerment. We are inextricably connected, but still live in a world where men are afforded liberties that women still are not. In Hip Hop, women are still objectified; Nicki Minaj is a talented rapper, but people talk more about her ass than her lyrics.There is a storehouse of health and vitality in a society that has achieved gender equality. I want to live in that society. My art is meant to reflect that society.

Q: The world has seen a lot of 'twerk' videos lately...what makes yours empowering rather than degrading?

D'Chrome: To me it's song about a relationship. I found someone who lets me be free. I wanted to express that place where you feel like you are truly accepted. That is one of the deepest effects of sexism, and racism, homophobia, and hate-- the subtle erosion of the self-esteem. The opposite is to take someone forward and up... Into a place where that which is most hidden is also most welcomed. That's empowerment. In the most intimate of contexts I can tell someone what I want, and she can lovingly give it to me. We need that. There's equality in that. The video shows how fun that can be.

Q: What are your goals for this women's empowerment campaign? How will you know if you succeeded or failed?

D'Chrome: I want #LoveMyBounce to raise awareness of gender inequality, starting with violence against women, and to be a platform by which I can elevate organizations that are dedicated to the cause. I have partnered with Arethusa Speaks, a nonprofit that gives a voice to victims of violence through art and storytelling...and will continue from there. The first step is getting 100 people to join the movement so we can launch the campaign on Monday, January 26. You can sign up here: LoveMyBounce.com

Q: Fabulous! Do you have anything else you want to plug or promote?

D'Chrome: Just good music in general. Quality is having a renaissance. If you hear something you like, share it on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. Let people know what's good, because the people need to hear tunes that stimulate thought and challenge convention.

A huge thank you to D'Chrome and his camp for allowing a closer look at a movement that seems likely to be highly positive for women as well as men. In the meantime please check out the video and don't forget to sign up for #LoveMyBouce!