Amber Nichole Miller is dating former UFC star Tito Ortiz
Amber Nichole Miller is dating former UFC star Tito Ortiz
Photo by Eric Holden

Former UFC Octagon girl Amber Nichole Miller said June 28 in an exclusive interview with that she has been extremely busy since walking away from the promotion close to a decade ago.

Miller, 37, has remained active in the MMA realm and beyond, with works completed as a brand ambassador, model and host for high-profile companies such as Xyience and Venus Swimwear.

She has also been a regular of late at Bellator MMA shows, where she cheers on her boyfriend, Bellator light heavyweight contender Tito Ortiz.

Miller was also featured in dozens of magazines, including "Fighters Only" and "Oxygen." In her interview with AXS, Miller opened up about her time with the UFC, as well as what's in store for her for the rest of 2015. Here's what she had to say:

AXS. Your boyfriend Tito Ortiz recently signed on to fight Liam McGeary. In comparison to some of his past fights, there doesn't seem to be as much drama.

How will Tito be getting fans excited for this fight? It seems he's playing up the nationalist gimmick, with a USA vs. England storyline. Is that fair to say?

Amber Nichole Miller: USA angle always prevails, and also you have to admit as an MMA fan Tito sells fights with name recognition. Love or hate him, you're still watching.

AXS. As far as your own career, would you ever consider making a return as a ring card girl for the UFC now that Rachelle Leah is gone?

You famously walked away from the promotion in 2006 after having some drama with Leah. Since she's not a ring card girl anymore, would you want to work for the UFC again? What about a ring card girl for Bellator?

ANM: Being an Octagon girl was such a great experience. It helped me with my career and make some amazing fans. I would like to work with Bellator in some capacity.

Not walking around the ring, but perhaps doing interviews pre-fight or in training camps.

AXS. The general consensus among fight fans seems to be that Bellator has the edge on the UFC when it comes to ring card girls. How do you feel the Bellator girls compare to the UFC's Octagon girls?

ANM: Well I think the public weighs heavily on the looks of these girls so I wouldn't ever compare looks, but personality matters to me.

I just adore Arianny Celeste and Mercedes Terrell because I know them personally, and the other girls seem nice? So I wish them well and hope that they stay true to themselves.