Kathryn Dean
Kathryn Dean
Courtesy of Angelo Kritikos, used with permission.

When Kathryn Dean sings, you forget about everything else and you just listen. Not only is her voice extraordinarily rich, sinfully robust, and unforgettably powerful, but she’s got a commanding and charismatic presence that is absolutely spellbinding. On Friday, July 8, you can experience her live sizzle at the picturesque Mortensen Riverfront Plaza in Hartford, CT when she performs at the Riverfront Food Truck Festival.

“I like to call myself a triple threat,” Kathryn declared. “I sing. I write songs. And I read.”

She delivered the line with such authority and certainty, that it took a second to realize she was joking.

“You know, basic literacy,” she added.

That’s right, besides the enviable voice that has gained her well over a million YouTube views, Kathryn Dean has also got a wicked sharp sense of humor. It’s that fun adventurous nature that makes her so endearing to her multitude of global fans. Yes, global. Besides the states, Kathryn also has a large and loyal fan base in Brazil.

“I don't speak Portuguese, so when I get an email asking me to do a shout out in Portuguese, I go on Google Translate and I listen to how the automated voice is pronouncing things. Then I practice them for my Italian guitar player. Italian and Portuguese are both romance languages, that’s why I test them out on him,” she explained. “What’s great with the fans in Brazil is there’s this unconditional love they are always sending my way. I’m not perfect with my Portuguese, but I’m willing to give it my best shot for them and I think they appreciate that.”

Besides performing in Rio de Janeiro, over the past year, Kathryn has been traveling the country with some pretty impressive artists. Recently, she’s toured with Anna Nalick, John Waite, and Howie Day. In the fall, she’ll be opening for Tiffany!

“John Waite has the most regal hair I have ever seen. It’s truly a mane,” Kathryn enthused. “I was like, ‘Hi I’m Kathryn. What products do you use?’”

On one of her tours, Kathryn’s radio promotions team got her into a station in Connecticut. “It’s a really weird thing for me to sit there and watch people listen to my songs, so my guitar player, Dario Forzato, and I performed ‘Be My Sin’ live in the room. And they were like, ‘Hey, we have a festival called the Riverfront Food Truck Festival, you should come and perform. My manager, Dave, made that happen… and I even got free sunglasses out of it!”

Mike Stacy, Morning Show host at Lite 100.5 WRCH told AXS, “All of us at CBS Radio are proud to bring recording artist Kathryn Dean to the Riverfront Food Truck Festival! We are committed to supporting new and upcoming artists, in fact this venue has showcased Alicia Keys and Avery Wilson in the past, both brought to Hartford by CBS Radio!”

Part of the reason for the strong push to get Kathryn even more visible is due to the fact that vocally, she recently leveled up. As a result, she’s got a breathtaking new version of “City of Angels” along with a new video that she just finished filming at the time of this interview.

“I started working with this new vocal coach, his name is Gary Catona (Whitney Houston, Andrea Bocelli, Andy Williams, Brian Wilson, Paula Abdul, Lenny Kravitz). It’s just been such an incredible experience. After my first session with him, I noticed an immediate change in my voice. The voice is a muscle, and if you’re not working it and you’re not pushing yourself, it’s not going to improve. Now that I’m on the road more and we’re doing longer sets, I need to make sure that I don’t ‘throw out’ my voice. I’ve lost my voice three times in my life, and every single time it’s been the worst! So you have to work out just like you would for any other muscle. If you’re not using the right technique and you’re pushing too hard, you can do some irreparable damage. Your voice is your instrument, it’s your love… but it’s also your livelihood.”

The newest version of “City of Angels” is a lush masterpiece that was produced by Chris Seefried (Fitz and The Tantrums, Lana Del Rey, Andra Day).

“It was really fun because working with Chris, I’m able to be more a part of the production process. Before, something would be on the track and I would only get to say whether I liked it or not versus actually being part of the selection of each instrument, being right there in the trenches. Chris helped me to get my exact vision out there to create a sound that I feel really reflects my new style.”

“‘City of Angels’ is a song about feeling that you’re trapped and you can’t escape from something in your life or get out of the state of mind that you’re in,” Kathryn explained. “It could be drug addiction, it could be a relationship, or it could be about all the people who come to LA chasing a dream, only to find that it’s not what it seems. ‘I wanted to play my hand with salvation but all I got was a heart that won’t stop racing.’ It’s this feeling of trying to escape the numbness and doing things that you think are going to help, but they just make it worse and you’re in this never-ending cycle. Hopefully, if I can make people feel like they’re not alone in that feeling, they can find it in themselves to break free from that cycle.”

“I truly believe that music is the best version of therapy and there’s so much power to music in terms of distracting you from what’s going on in your life and taking you back to another time,” Kathryn concluded. “I work with some really incredible people who believe, not just in me, but in the message that I’m trying to convey.”

Kathryn Dean’s set at the Riverfront Food Truck Festival in Hartford, CT begins at 5 p.m. on Friday, July 8. Watch for new songs, a new video and a national tour that will take the artist through the Midwest and East Coast in August and September.

“It’s definitely true that my website knows where I’m going to be before I do, so follow me on all of my social media.”

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