Fall Out Boy drops new video, single and album cover art

Fans of rock band Fall Out Boy got a few early Christmas presents this week. The band released a music video for “American Beauty/American Psycho,” the audio-only video for the single, “The Kids Aren’t Alright,” and the cover art and song list for the band’s upcoming album American Beauty/American Psycho all within about 24 hours.

The music video for “American Beauty/American Psycho” dropped Dec. 15 at 6 p.m. CT and was announced via the band’s website and social media accounts. This music video is a dark, gritty and surreal four minutes, complete with a butt-kicking ballerina and interspersed with quick shots of animals. Heads up, Fall Out Boy fans: The band makes just a brief appearance in the video. Within about five minutes of the music video’s release, it had racked up almost 1,000 thumbs up on YouTube and plenty of compliments from fans.

An audio video of Fall Out Boy’s latest single, “The Kids Aren’t Alright,” was released on Dec. 14 and is available on the band’s official YouTube channel. The single has already garnered plenty of positive reviews, with Shannon Carlin writing for KROQ’s website “The band’s latest single, “The Kids Aren’t Alright” is a big booming power ballad that pulls at the heartstrings.”

The upcoming album American Beauty/American Pscycho, which will be the band’s sixth since forming in 2001, will be released worldwide on Jan. 20, 2015, via DCD2 and Island, as previously reported on AXS.com. The 11-track album is available for pre-order via iTunes, and includes the singles “American Beauty/American Psycho,” “Centuries” and “The Kids Aren’t Alright.” The singles are also available for purchase, and you can check out the song list on iTunes.

Cover art for the album American Beauty/American Psycho is of a teenager with an American flag painted on one half of his face. On the band’s official Facebook page, the band explained the image: “This photo was meant to capture the threshold between the american beauty and the american psycho... what rages on the inside- how we what we all feel is permanent and impermanent all at once. We can change but do we really want to? Activate yourself, protect your dreaminess. Or break it- 'because without the cracks the light couldn't get out.”

Fall Out Boy has several concerts scheduled in 2015, including release shows for the upcoming album in London’s Islington Assembly Hall on Jan. 14, and in Chicago’s Lincoln Hall on Jan. 24. Other concerts are scheduled in Australia, Japan and Arizona through March 2015. A tour in support of American Beauty/American Psycho has not been announced as of press time.