Fall Out Boy turn into dolls in 'Irresistible' music video featuring Demi Lovato

Third time might be the charm for Fall Out Boy's "Irresistible" music video. Today (Jan. 5) the American pop rock band released a third music video for their latest single "Irresistible," and in less than 8 hours it has already been viewed just shy of half a million times on their VEVO YouTube channel.

This video is for the version of the song that features Demi Lovato, and in it she isn't the only guest star. Also in the video is NSYNC members Chris Kirkpatrick and Joey Fatone. Those guest stars might seem a little odd, but they aren't because the video heavily references the boy band's "It's Gonna Be Me" music video.

Fall Out Boy's third official "Irresistible" music video begins with Demi Lovato working at a doll making factory. The supervisor is none other than NSYNC member Chris Kirkpatrick, and they are making both NSYNC and Fall Out Boy dolls.

The dolls get shipped to a store, and the workers in that toy store are a scantly dressed Lovato, and NSYNC member Joey Fatone. Fall Out Boy come alive in the boxes, and just like in the NSYNC video, each member breaks through the plastic in their individual boxes.

They band members spend the rest of the video meeting other living dolls, and performing on the shelf. At the end, Lovato and Fatone finally realize they are alive and watch the band's performance. The official "Irresistible" music video featuring Demi Lovato ends with Joey Fatone doing an evil laugh while toying with Fall Out Boy bobble-heads.

The song "Irresistible" is the third single from Fall Out Boy's latest studio album, American Beauty/American Psycho. The album was released almost one year ago today via Island Records and DCD2. The original version of "Irresistible" didn't feature Lovato. She is on the remix version that came out on Oct. 16.