Imagine Dragons release music video for I Bet My Life

On Dec. 12 the American rock band Imagine Dragons released an official music video for their single "I Bet My Life" on the band's VEVO YouTube channel. The video is just over three and a half minutes long, and it was directed by Jodeb. You can watch the official "I Bet My Life" music video here.

The video was shot at the Roosevelt Dam, which is in Phoenix, Arizona. The video stars actor Dane DeHaan, who appeared in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2". In the video, Dane DeHaan is seen having a fist fight with another guy. The fight goes from being on land, to being in the water. Dehaan ends up floating away, and gets sucked into a large dam. As he is sucked through, he suddenly ends up in a house.

DeHaan goes to sleep, but when he wakes up, he is in a small boat. The boat begins to approach a cliff, but instead of going over a waterfall, the boat floats in the air. In the end, DeHaan is seen being pulled out of the water by the guy he was fighting. That leads one to believe he passed out in the water while fighting, and imagined everything.

The song “I Bet My Life” is the current single from Imagine Dragons' forthcoming second studio album. It is set to be released next year via KIDinaKORNER, and Interscope Records. No official album title, or release date has been announced. Earlier this year the band released the single "Warrior." No word on if it will also appear on the album.

For more information about Imagine Dragons, visit the band's official website here.