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There are few modern rock bands bigger than Imagine Dragons and the band’s show at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California on July 20 felt fittingly grandiose. The group’s 17-song, 105-minute set featured an array of set pieces reserved strictly for the biggest artists, including a catwalk, pyrotechnics and a healthy dose of lasers.

Opening with their most recent single “Shots,” Imagine Dragons roared through all of their biggest hits, including “It’s Time,” “Demons” and “Radioactive.” And while the entire band was in top form, their frontman Dan Reynolds was the evening's centerpiece, quite literally: Reynolds commanded the catwalk throughout and at one point even made his way directly into the crowd.

As the band wrapped their encore with a performance of “The Fall,” confetti rained down from the rafters. It felt like something of a coronation for the Las Vegas-based band; there are few rock groups left who can pull off a concert on this scale.

Check out a photo gallery from the concert by photographer Annie Liang above. Imagine Dragon’s summer tour rolls on with a performance on Friday, July 24 at the Forum in Los Angeles. For a complete list of their upcoming tour dates, visit the band’s website.