Kacey Musgraves denies taking a dig at Taylor Swift in song

Feuds in the world of the music industry are not new and if anyone is a veteran of these feuds, it is Taylor Swift. Whether it is her feud with Kanye West when he disrespected her a few years back or the war of lyrics between Swift and her former friend Katy Perry, Swift is always at the center of some spat with someone. The latest to step up seemed to be Dallas’ own Kacey Musgraves, but The Boot reported on Tuesday that the Texas country star has said that her lyrics were taken out of context.

The lyrics in question come in the song “Good Ol’ Boys Club.” In the song, Musgraves sings that “another gear in the big machine don’t sound like fun to me.” Some fans have taken up the idea that the line is a dig at Taylor Swift. The idea is that Swift is signed to the Big Machine record label and has transformed herself from an award winning country star into a huge pop sensation. However, the play on words might not have had that connotation.

Musgraves said in an interview that she doesn’t want to be part of anyone’s special club where she is just part of a big machine. She said that the song is about making your own way and doing things your own way. She said that the song is a universal message to be your own self-made man or woman and build your own world. When she says it that way, it sounds like the song is not a slam against Swift, because that is what Swift did over her career.

Musgraves did say that the song was influenced by a number of different people, but those would be the people who got into the business because of who they know instead of working hard to make it to the top. Once again, that doesn’t sound like a slam against Taylor Swift, who Musgraves says she has respect for. Musgraves also said that she doesn’t want that huge success that many stars, such as Taylor Swift, have sought out.

Kacey Musgraves said that she doesn’t fantasize about having her face plastered around everywhere like Swift does. She said that she wants to be comfortable and live her life within reason. But, for Musgraves, it is all about being a songwriter and a solid fan base to share her music with. She also has a dream of women in music continuing to gain ground on the radio, something that she believes will improve once more women have something to say.