Kacey Musgraves taking a stand against illegal merchandise vendors

DFW original Kacey Musgraves has become a pretty big star since her rise through the Dallas area, but she just pointed out that she is still trying to make a living in the country music industry and there are people selling merchandise that has her name on it that have not obtained the rights to do so. According to The Boot on Monday, Musgraves reached out to her fans and told them that any memorabilia sold in stores right now with her name on it isn’t something that she has endorsed.

That means a wooden plaque that she found for sale in a major country western retailer was made illegally by using her name and lyrics from her song “Biscuits.” As Musgraves said, that means that the person who made these is making all the money and the fact that it contained her name and intellectual rights means that she is not making any money from it despite owning 100 percent of the rights to the song’s lyrics.

According to Musgraves, her livelihood is her songwriting, and when someone steals that from her to make a profit, they are getting in the way of her possibly using it to make a living for herself. She said that there are legal ways to use her intellectual property to sell, and that involves going through her, which people are choosing to illegally bypass. She said that it is not a compliment, and even if it is cute, it is still stealing.

This follows a huge incident in 2015 when Eric Church filed a federal lawsuit against people who were selling illegal Church-based merchandise outside of his concerts. His lawsuit asked that the vendors be stopped from selling the unauthorized merchandise. His claims was that the illegal merchandise was poorly made and hurt the actual vendors who paid for the rights to make Eric Church memorabilia.

As for Kacey Musgraves, she said that she has nothing being sold in any major retailers that she has authorized. She asked any fans who see something sold in a store with her name and lyrics on them to let her know because she is ready to fight against these illegal manufacturers.