Kelly Clarkson announces second pregnancy at concert

Kelly Clarkson just accidentally announced her pregnancy to the entire world during a concert at the Staples Center. She didn't mean to tell everyone yet, but it happened anyway. On Thursday, Hollywood Life shared that the singer wasn't ready to share about her second pregnancy with the world just yet, but she was in tears over nothing and wanted everyone to know why she was an emotional wreck.

Clarkson even shared that all of their family members don't know yet. She is married to Brandon Blackstock, the stepson of famous singer Reba McEntire. Clarkson was on stage when she said "I was not planning on announcing this. I’m totally pregnant." She went on to talk to them about why she went ahead and explained it before she broke into tears. Kelly even teased that the next two songs were going to be emotional so if they audience would sing along with her that would be great.

Today shared a bit more about what she had to say during the show. Kelly Clarkson had tears running down her face and said "This is not how I wanted to announce that. My makeup artist is backstage just, like, hating me." She then went on saying she doesn't want people to think that she is on drugs or anything. She also apologized to her husband because this was not planned at all. She has not been on social networks since to speak out about the baby on the way, but it is obvious that Kelly is excited.

This is the second child for the happy couple. Their daughter River is just 14 months old, which is going to be putting these two young children pretty close to each other in age. Brandon and Kelly seem to be great parents though and are excited about the new bundle of joy on the way.