Kelly Clarkson announces the release date for her new album 'Piece By Piece'
Kelly Clarkson/ RCA Records

Grammy winning singer-songwriter and powerhouse vocalist Kelly Clarkson will be releasing her sixth studio album this year. Earlier this month she released the lead single "Heartbeat Song" and her team announced the date that Piece by Piece will be arriving. On March 3, fans will be able to download and buy another record of the "American Idol" winner's blend of music styles.

News about the album has been generally quiet without a lot of details leaking (or songs for that matter!). In fact, compared to the release of Stronger, no songs have prematurely leaked versus more than half of the album.

Kelly Clarkson has been asked many questions about Piece by Piece including what everyone wants to know--is it pop or is country? In true KC style, she responded that it's a pop record with her influences at the time. Before she married and gave birth to baby girl River, the idea was floated that she would release a pop record and a country record but that is yet to be seen when that day finally comes.

"Heartbeat Song" isn't necessarily the best song Clarkson has released as a single but it's mid-tempo and a somewhat different take on her pop tunes. Looking back at the Stronger era, the release of "Mr. Know It All" was a tactical way to get her back on the airwaves before smashing radio with her No. 1 hit "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)."

The new lead single has already charted in the top 30 for AC airplay and is now being picked up by mainstream pop radio.

In support of Piece by Piece, Clarkson will go out on tour later this year, one of her favorite parts of her job. No dates are released yet but with the new album coming in just a month, more details should emerge as the media blitz takes off.

Fans speculated early in Kelly's pregnancy if she would slow down due to having a baby. But having a grandma as a country legend, a grandpa who manages mommy and a daddy who's the manager of Blake Shelton, River Rose is all but ready to be immersed in the music lifestyle. To tease "Heartbeat Song," KC released a clip of River getting a kick out of the tune that is all but perfect in Kelly's life at the moment. To coincide with the announcement of the release date, Team KC uploaded a lyric video with real heartbeats from three special fans in Nashville.