Kelly Clarkson couldn’t care less about slams by computer cowards

Kelly Clarkson has always had a voice big enough to fill any venue from stadiums, to small clubs, and make any listener feel that her song was just for his or her ears. She also has that real-girl, Texas truth kind of spirit that lets any fan feel her heart. She was the first queen of “American Idol,” but for Kelly, and the competition was just an audition with possible pay attached, and speaking of competition, she's not out to take anything away from Britney, Beyoncé, Madonna or Gwen. She's content on stage and off, very comfortable in her own skin, and loves being called mommy, no matter the toll it takes getting there. She shared with Gayle King on the Nov. 18 “CBS This Morning” that she feels far too blessed to be bothered by the verbal cyber darts that some may assail her with from behind computers.

An audience of 23 million people saw Clarkson become the first “Idol” star, but her goal was never to take center stage. “I wanted to be a backup singer,” she joyfully exudes, remarking how “you get to work with so many different artists, and travel around,” celebrating all the joys of being a singer, but being away from headlines, delighted to be “right underneath” stellar ranks. Kelly’s star shot off like a rocket, though, and her first album, Thankful, debuted at number one, and ultimately sold almost 5 million copies. Even in her initial artistic outing, she made it blatantly clear that she was a woman with something to say, and not afraid to teach her audience how to find their unique voice, either. After a 2013 best-selling Christmas release, Wrapped in Red, she wrote and released her most personal and reflective collection yet with Piece by Piece, and has just released her video for the title song, showing off her beautiful toddler daughter, River Rose, as of today. Now expecting a baby boy with hubby, Brandon Blackstock, whose birth announcement was given live in concert last August, Clarkson is radiant with joy in saying that “I pop out magical unicorns,” meaning that hers are the most wonderful children ever, but the process for her is hardly a picnic. She has to get “IV’s and fluids” due to the same “all-day sickness” that she experienced with River.

Pregnancy is worth any price, and the singer declares that her husband is portrayed through her lyrics that “a man can be kind and a father can stay,” but she never loses sleep over the barbs that come at her in cyberspace. “It's a cheap shot, sitting behind a computer,” she asserts, and don't expect her to dine on celery and salads because of a weight comment. “If someone says I shouldn't be eating that, I'm going to eat five, right in front of them, and lick my lips and have a good time.” Blessed with richness that only a happy home brings, and about to welcome a brother for River, good times are sure to roll for quite a while for Kelly Clarkson.