Kelly Clarkson covers Aretha Franklin and Gnarles Barkley

Kelly Clarkson has some big news she's announcing on Friday, June 24 and to lead up to the announcement she's taken to Facebook Live to covers some from her home and take questions from fans. On the first day, she sang Otis Redding "These Arms of Mine" followed by Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is" on Tuesday. Her initial clue was that the artists she would perform all have something in common. It's puzzling fans and while she's in front of the camera, musical director Jason Halbert is in the background giving hints and even telling fans what isn't the announcement. On day three and four (June 22 and June 23), Clarkson gave chilling renditions of Aretha Franklin and Gnarles Barkley.

On day three, Clarkson dressed casually and country-like with braided hair and a cowgirl hat, she took on Aretha Franklin's "Something He Can Feel" which 90's R&B female group En Vogue covered as well. Nothing short of soulful, her voice danced along the piano played by Halbert sporting the shirt he wore during her first solo tour simply saying "KEYS" under his name. The performance is what Clarkson's pipes rarely get to do in the pop music world, only covers. It's a side of her voice the world doesn't see unless going to her concerts with raspy swoops and coos.

After the cover of "Something He Can Feel," she took questions from fans with her assist who was nervous from the previous day when Clarkson couldn't articulate her words over the Orlando tragedy. Stating she's not a politician, she joked, "That's the announcement! I'm actually the running mate of Bernie Sanders!" She gushed over her second child Remington being in the "fun stage" where he's become alert and smiles and acknowledged the difficulty parents face. When asked which song has been most personal or one that she's most proud of, Clarkson responds with "Piece by Piece," the story of her life.

Clarkson was also asked about which one of her unreleased demo songs is her favorite. She responded with "Lost," a track written with guitarist Aben Eubanks (who happens to be married to Clarkson's assistant) which also leaked in 2010. Clarkson also likes "Hand Me Downs" which she performed one time at the All I Ever Wanted Tour VIP pre-concert in 2009. The follow-up question asked what's the most nerve racking for her and she answered with the Facebook Live series. Her assistant brought up singing for the Pope and Clarkson told stories of that day, laughing at her musical director for his curtsy.

On day four, Clarkson took on Gnarles Barkley's "Crazy" with Eubanks joining on guitar. With loads of syllables, she eased through the song with healthy notes and of course that blues R&B feel. Her voice is pure and strong. When she took questions, she was asked if she talked to any of the contestants from "American Idol" and she still is in touch with Jim Verraros. She also talked about the condition of her voice during pregnancy. Whatever the surprise is, it must be musical as she said she recorded while pregnant with both children. Remington was born just two months ago.

All while Clarkson is talking, Halbert is giving hints. Fans have been speculating what her announcement will be and nearly all ideas have been debunked. It won't be a Broadway album (yet), it won't be a live DVD (yet), it's also not a soundtrack song. One idea in particular is a covers album and that so far hasn't been denied.

The announcement will be made at 11 a.m. CST/ 12 p.m. EST via Facebook Live.

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