Kelly Clarkson covers 'I Want to Know What Love Is' on day two of 'KCGoesLive'

On Sunday, June 19, Kelly Clarkson's team, simply known as Team KC, posted to her social media to tune in on Mon., June 20 and that Clarkson would have exciting news. Going live via Facebook at 11 a.m. CST/ 12 p.m. EST, she let fans know she wouldn't be announcing what she has been up to until the coming Friday. Instead of bland press release, Clarkson decided that she would build up to the news in a style that's more like her. She's singing from her home throughout the week, performing covers from fan requests at her previous tours before she officially releases the news Fri., June 24.

To continue her weeklong streaming with hashtag "KCGoesLive," Kelly Clarkson took on Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is" against a simple piano played by Jason Halbert, longtime musical director. Unlike the first day's "These Arms of Mine" by Otis Redding, Clarkson stood in front of the piano instead of behind where it drown out her powerful pipes. The first day of singing was her first live performance since going on vocal rest while pregnant with her second child. She used her capability to do runs in a smooth R&B vibe and in day two (June 21), she's controlled and elegant. It's nearly better than the first live taping, keeping notes steady while slipping into quite endings.

Of course Clarkson likes to talk and laughs off how much she is talking. To help with that, she took questions from fans in the fifteen minute stream. Fans asked her about her "Miracle on Broadway" holiday charity concert she throws, if she had a message for the LGBT community in which she had a hard time articulating words before tearing up and about being a mother. After talking about being a mother, she was still thinking of the previous question wiping her eyes and came back to it. One question about who she would have dinner with today, Clarkson laughs, "Since my husband left the room, Nathan Fillion." She went on to talk about the ABC show "Castle" being cancelled.

In the first day of streaming, Clarkson said each of the artists she will be singing have something in common for her. What that could be is a mystery and while fans have speculated over the last 24 hours, Halbert wrote and held up signs behind Clarkson of what the news won't be this Friday. It won't be a tour, it won't be a sequel to "From Justin to Kelly" and she isn't pregnant again.

Tune in throughout the week via Facebook to hear upcoming covers and what hints she may have for the announcement.