Kelly Clarkson delivers bold new 'Invincible' at Billboard Music Awards

Last night the 2015 Billboard Music Awards aired on ABC at 8 p.m. Kelly Clarkson took the stage in the last hour of the show to debut her new single "Invincible" released today (May 18) as the official second single from Piece by Piece.

The empowering song was written by Sia and suits Clarkson's husky powerful vocals like butter on bread. During the Billboard Music Awards, she showed that even when her voice isn't in its best shape she's willing to be invincible and go for it the best she can. Clarkson recently had to cancel Australian dates for a sickness still audible.

Kelly Clarkson played it safe but easily nailed the depth of the verses and even went for the big notes going out of the bridge. Her voice on the edge, she gave it her all and improvised where she needed, showing she's still one of the best in the industry. It should be noted it was also the first time the "American Idol" winner has performed the song live on national television, which can often times be rocky.

Clarkson sported a classy purple and black dress that sparkled. A gothic-like backdrop with red theater curtains and a full moon accented the singer's performance and dress which has been one of her better choices this era. Still rocking the shaved head, Clarkson looked elegant as the crowd stood on their feet and vibed with her.

"Invincible" was the last song recorded for the No. 1 album after Clarkson gave birth to daughter River Rose. She describes the song as "'Stronger' on steroids" relating the message of strength. The new single follows "Heartbeat Song" released in January.