Kelly Clarkson 'Piece by Piece' single eyeing top 10 on Hot 100
Kelly Clarkson

Just when fans thought Kelly Clarkson and her Piece by Piece era was finished, an appearance on "American Idol" is changing all that. Her latest single "Piece by Piece," the title track, has not reached its potential since its November release. The radio remix was sent to hot adult contemporary stations but after that one last emotional performance on the "Idol" stage, there's a much broader reach at hand.

The original "American Idol" winner took the stage to perform the stripped piano version that she took on tour in 2015. Bringing Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban to tears, as well as contestants and anyone watching, the gut wrenching rendition helped the single mix shoot right to No. 1 on iTunes where it remained for four days consecutively. Early sales predictions suggest she will sell around 196,000 downloads when the sales tracking week ends on March 3 as reported by

The single that seemed it would do nothing despite its video companion's release on Nov. 18 now has a breath of life. The song is expected to reach at least the top 10 on the mighty Billboard Hot 100. Because of its strong sales, outpacing Rihanna and Drake’s No. 1 hit "Work," it is also likely that the song could reach the top 5 of the chart. That all will depend on streams of the song on services such as YouTube and Spotify. Radio airplay follows a different tracking week but is reported in the Hot 100 formula with charts refreshed on Tuesdays. This current week's sales ends on Thursday and will be reflected on March 8.

To help with the momentum, Kelly Clarkson took to the studio to record the piano version for an upcoming remix album to be released March 4. The timing was spot on as the "Idol" version was released on Feb. 29 ahead of the surprise announcement.

The performance of "Piece by Piece" no doubt resurrected an era that was underwhelming. Though the album debuted at No. 1, being released almost exactly a year ago from the upcoming remix album, all three singles have underperformed. The album's era seemed to be over when Clarkson cancelled the remainder of the Piece by Piece Tour because of her second pregnancy at the advice of doctors.

Because of the resurgence at the moment, if it holds well, there's a chance a fourth single could be released from the sixth studio album (not counting the holiday set Wrapped in Red).

Fans of the deeply personal song, written after a conversation with Clarkson's sister about their upbringing, can help the single by requesting the song on radio stations on the heels of Thursday's performance. It's yet unknown if the "Idol" version will be pushed to radio, but would be a wise move by RCA with what could be the music save of 2016.