Kelly Clarkson releases adorable 'Heartbeat Song' video
Kelly Clarkson

This morning (Feb. 5) Kelly Clarkson released her first music video from her upcoming album Piece by Piece. The lead single "Heartbeat Song" was released last month and now the official music video is here to accompany the new track.

"Heartbeat Song" makes a full circle starting with breakups, relationships that have flatlined. It's that feeling that stings as one lies heartbroken on the couch, writing "Everything ends." in a notebook, throwing clothes over the balcony and feeling down on your luck. But it's not the end.

You never know where love could be as the heartbroken souls get tangled walking their dogs, meeting at a party and randomly meeting in a coffee shop. "Haven't felt it for a lifetime," Clarkson sings dancing in colours ala the "Catch My Breath" set while something new forms for the brokenhearted.

The new video is eventually engorged with pure dalliance, skating boarding, kissing on and under benches, taking silly pictures and living life like you've never been hurt. Eventually, the two males find their happy ending and put a ring on it.

"Heartbeat Song" is a new era for the singer-songwriter (though she didn't write this one). Clarkson's shaved hair, getting married and being a mother, a new album, there's a newfound glow about her in the video in which she says is "the poppiest song on the album."

It's just the beginning of this chapter for Clarkson. Piece by Piece arrives on March 3. This week she released the tracklisting to the 16-song set as well as the album cover. The cover for the soon to drop record was done in camera with no post work. The kaleidoscope effect will be printed on shiny holographic paper giving her that 3D look on the physical copies.

"Heartbeat Song" is available to download now.