Kelly Clarkson releases autobiographical 'Piece by Piece' track

Kelly Clarkson's team (Team KC) confirmed today (Feb. 23) that they will be releasing tracks each day from her upcoming album Piece By Piece to be released March 3. One social site posted a song a day while another posted they'll be releasing tracks until March 3. Today's track released is a beautiful piece of Kelly's heart, a letter and a promise. The title track "Piece By Piece" is a KC penned track and that makes all the difference in the songs heard so far.

"Piece By Piece" is more or less a message to her estranged father comparing what he did to her, Brandon being bigger than that and dedicated to she and their daughter. "And piece by piece he filled the holes that you burned in me/ At six years old and no/ He never walks away/ He never asks for money/ He takes care of me/ He loves me," she writes.

"I know what not to do. I'm thankful to my father for that. I know what not to do and I know how to love properly and I know what that means," she told MuchMusic about the title track, citing the label loving it and insisting the album should be named the same.

Kelly called the new track "the silver lining to 'Because of You'" in an interview, a song she wrote at 16 that became a worldwide hit. The twist at the end of the song is all things good, "Piece by piece I fell far from the tree/ I would never leave her like you left me/ She will never have to wonder her worth/ Because unlike you I'm gonna put her first."

"Piece By Piece" is the grown up Kelly recognizing and addressing what she's learned about family since writing that hit having a conversation with her sister, telling her side of the story having 7 years apart. Referencing the 2005 hit, she was in her early 20s upon its release after it was rejected by Clive Davis for her "Idol" winning debut album Thankful and included on sophomore smash Breakaway. Now in her 30s, followers of the Grammy winner have already connected the two songs together.

Kelly Clarkson's upcoming album of the same title, like 2007's My December, is an album she's said she needed to do for her, all the different facets of her life that has brought her to this point in her life.

So far of the three songs released, the title track feels more natural. Songs penned by KC, or any artist writing their own songs, feels different. The track is letting fans into her soul while telling more of her story, past and present.

"Piece By Piece" is available to download on iTunes.