Kelly Clarkson releases intoxicating 'Take You High' and 'Let Your Tears Fall'

Kelly Clarkson is releasing new music throughout the entire week leading up to her big album release date on March 3. So far she's released a total of six songs from Piece By Piece. Two of those songs were released in the last 24 hours. Today's iTunes download "Take You High" is a far cry from what Kelly Clarkson is used to doing while the Sia-penned "Let Your Tears Fall" is a future hit.

"Take You High" is new territory for Kelly. Ethereal and light, the song dabbles in dubstep breakdowns and broken up vocals ala Ellie Goulding. Intoxicating and airy, "Take You High" so far is the most different from the pre-release batch of songs.

Not only is her team releasing songs via iTunes, VH1 is on board with previewing music as well. Last night and promoted through the day, VH1 released the Sia-penned "Let Your Tears Fall." The sure fire radio hit is just one of two songs written by the Australian singer-songwriter.

"The cool thing about collaborating on a Sia song is we are very different vocally, but very similar in a sense that we love range. She writes songs that are very rangy, and I love that. Not a lot of writers do that. A lot of writers are trying to get their songs sent to other artists, and not every artist has a big range," Clarkson told VH1 about the new song.

The styling of the song is very Sia and she's easily heard singing the track. Kelly's ability to translate the song into a style she's capable of is a testament to her talent. "Let Your Tears Fall" was the first song recorded for the new album.

Earlier this week she released the planned second single "Invincible" also written by Sia. The two didn't get to actually work together but Clarkson's producer Greg Kurstin works with Sia and passed the song on to KC. Loving what Sia did with the song originally, Kelly kept the background vocals and blended her own. "Invincible" was the final song recorded.

She also released the duet with John Legend, the cover of "Run Run Run" as well as the deeply personal "Piece by Piece."