Kelly Clarkson releases new 'Tightrope (Tour Version)' ahead of remix album

Last week on Feb. 25, Kelly Clarkson gave a stirring performance, her last, on "American Idol" where she also judged the contestants. Clarkson tried hard to hold it together singing her latest single "Piece by Piece" but choked a few times while bringing viewers to tears. It virtually pushed her name right to the front of the line. The song is expected to shoot high on the Hot 100 after days at No. 1 on iTunes and on the heels of the performance, she's releasing a remix album. Piece by Piece Remixed will hit digital stores on March 4 and will feature a recorded version of the piano ballad. Along with the "Idol" version and remixes of most of the tracks, she will include a tour version of album track "Tightrope."

Kelly Clarkson released the different arrangement of "Tightrope (Tour Version)" through Entertainment Weekly via VEVO. The tour version was captivating and passionate. Clarkson took the song's pitch down to add in more sustained powerful vocals in the tender track about the ups and downs of a relationship. Written during the previous tour in 2013, the album version of "Tightrope" is more contained vocally but still a beautifully written track for her sixth studio album Piece by Piece. Clarkson never fails to wow her audience with exceptional belts and the new version of the song includes two not found on the album. Unlike "Piece by Piece" which was re-recorded Feb. 26, "Tightrope" was recorded during a tour stop in 2015.

"It is one of the most personal on the album and, by far, my favorite to sing on tour," she told EW.

To give a little promotion to the remix album featuring "Tightrope (Tour Version)" and "Piece by Piece (Idol version)," Clarkson visited "The Ellen Show" to chat about that emotional night and perform for the audience. This time however, she was able to keep from breaking apart singing the song written about she and her sister finding wonderful men after their father left as children, with a few shaky moments eyes welling.