Kelly Clarkson releases stunning dramatic duet 'Run Run Run' with John Legend
Kelly Clarkson/ RCA Records

Kelly Clarkson is getting ready to release her sixth studio album Piece By Piece on March 3 in the U.S. Team KC is releasing a new song from the record until its release date next week. Today's release is the awaited duet she kept quiet about until the tracklisting appeared with the pre-order for the album. "Run Run Run" features John Legend, a vocal pairing made in heaven.

"Run Run Run" is German band Tokio Hotel's song originally but Clarkson is bringing it to mainstream with one of the best male vocalists of this generation. The ballad "Run Run Run" starts out as a slow builder, Clarkson bringing out her sexy sultry voice accenting her lower register. John Legend's husky tones blends perfectly with Kelly's as the song waits for the climax to take off. Howls and pounding drums, the dramatic duet lives up to Clarkson's description of the songs on the album--intense. The roaring guitars find the song overwhelmingly captivating as the final section of the song pulls on heart strings. Other songs Kelly Clarkson used include past album tracks "All I Ever Wanted" and "Whyyawannabringmedown" (Aranda) and recorded the Katy Perry leftover track "I Do Not Hook Up."

When news broke that Kelly Clarkson would be releasing a new album, she talked of the duet but couldn't reveal who it was. She gave clues and one was that they had worked together. That narrowed the possibilities for fans and ultimately they concluded John Legend or Adam Levine. Legend would be the right answer. This isn't the first nor second time the duo have come together. In 2012, Clarkson and Legend took part in ABC's "Duets," a singing competition where four superstars nurtured aspiring artists, dueting together before finally sending them off onto solo's. John and Kelly paired up to sing Ray Charles' classic "You Don't Know Me" during the show.

During the summer leg of the Stronger Tour in 2012, Legend joined Kelly on stage to fill in on Jason Aldean's part to her hit duet "Don't You Wanna Stay". Before singing the country AC song, the two sang once again the Ray Charles tune, saying she "got greedy" and wanted to sing another song with the fellow Grammy winner.

So far there have been a total of four songs released from Piece By Piece including the title track and the second planned single, the Sia-penned "Invincible" released Monday. By day's end, and officially tomorrow, the next track to be released from the upcoming album is "Take You High."