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Kelly Clarkson has not been working much lately because she has been so involved with her new baby girl and marriage. Now fans are excited to hear that she will be back with new music very soon. On Saturday, Billboard shared that she is hinting at new music on the way. Since becoming a country artist, her fans can't wait to hear what is going to come next from the superstar.

This album will actually come out early this year, so fans won't have to wait too long. She went to Twitter to talk about it though. Fans were shocked to hear that she wouldn't be going country with the new album. Her tweet said:

You never know what is going to come from Kelly and maybe it will be a bit of a crossover album.

There will also be a big duet on the album and it isn't her first time to duet with this artist. This makes some people think it could be Jason Aldean, but since this is not a country album, it might be someone else. Her first single will come out sometime in January, but she hasn't shared a specific date yet.

Clarkson has done several duets with Martina McBride and Trisha Yearwood, as well. But it feels like Aldean will be the one she is singing with on this album. She did go to Twitter to share a small tip about the upcoming album:

Fans can't wait to see when this comes out and what kind of music she will release this time.