Kelly Clarkson reveals new hints about upcoming album including single title

Kelly Clarkson fans are getting excited as the three-time Grammy winner tweets some more information about her upcoming album. A new album has been in the works for some time and it would seem RCA is keeping their lips tight on the new material following two summers of massive leaks that contained more than half of 2011's Grammy winning Stronger. The new album is expected to be released early in the year.

Yesterday Clarkson took to her Twitter account to address what many have been asking... just what kind of album is she preparing for us? Is it pop? Is it country? She clarified the speculation.

"People keep asking. My next album is pop. But I am always influenced by music I love, which is pop-rock/country/r&b/dance #whoknowswhatsnext," she posted at 4:37 a.m.

Previously when talking about new music, Clarkson floated the idea that she would do both a pop album and a country album. Over the last several years, she's dipped her feet in the country world with mother-in-law Reba by her side. She released a country version of pop single "Mr. Know It All," "Don't Rush" featuring Vince Gill and the country rock "Tie It Up" under her own name.

Several months ago, fans of Clarkson noticed a new song registered on ASCAP, a songwriter/publishing affiliation, titled "Heartbeat Song" with Kelly's name attached to it. Speculation has finally ended when she tweeted a hint about her upcoming first single from the album.

"2 clues for the first single ....Proof of life & Dr. Dre #TheNextEpisode," she tweets of the single due this month.

That all but puts to rest the name of the first single. The arrival of the new tune has not yet been announced but a music tweet was sent out referring to albums coming out on Jan. 13 with Clarkson's included. Kelly replied with a simple "not album."

Also on her new project, she's including a duet. In the recent past, Kelly says it's someone she has sang with in the past and is a male pop artist. Adam Levine? John Legend? For her last two albums, a different duet was recorded with "Idol" contestant Chris Daughtry but each were cut from final tracklistings.

"Oh and people also keep asking about the duet on the record. Here's a hint ....this wasn't our first time to sing together :)," she says of the new duet.

Nearly six months after giving birth to daughter River, Kelly's ready to get back to work already. Fans once speculated if she would be taking more time off to be a mother but it seems she's going to immerse River into the music world head on with a legend of a grandmother and "uncle and aunt" Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert in her life.