Kelly Clarkson reveals 'Piece by Piece' cover art and tracklisting
Kelly Clarkson/ RCA Records

In one month from today (March 3), Kelly Clarkson will release her sixth studio album Piece by Piece. The album marks a new era in Clarkson's life as a wife, a mom and a woman who has come into her own. Yesterday, the pop superstar revealed the artwork for her new album and it's her most creative yet.

The new cover for Piece by Piece shows Kelly's face five times in a kaleidoscopic spread. Exposing her shaved side of her head, the cover is boldly glazed with a pink and yellow tone. The deluxe edition cover has Clarkson looking away but retains the same layout and colour scheme.

The cover art has some fans a little disappointed saying she could do better. Clarkson however knows how to take aim right back tweeting, "I really think you might be too invested ha! Just download the songs and don't look at the cover :) #It'llBAright" and "Hey I picked my cover, suck it haha! I love the kaleidoscope effect! You get 5 of me! What more could you want haha :)"

Along with the cover art for both the standard and deluxe editions of Piece by Piece the official tracklisting for both has also been released. The album is now available for pre-order outside of

For some time now Kelly has talked about a duet that will be on the album and most recently saying "Oh and people also keep asking about the duet on the record. Here's a hint … this wasn't our first time to sing together."

Turns out, the duet is with John Legend on a track called "Run Run Run." The two sang together when they were mentors on the ABC show "Duets" on the favourite Ray Charles song "You Don't Know Me." While out on her Stronger Tour, Clarkson invited Legend to sing "Don't You Wanna Stay" with her as well as the former because she "got greedy" when she asked him to sing with her. Now the two will have a song intertwining their soulful pipes on record.

Piece by Piece tracklisting:

1. "Heartbeat Song"
2. "Invincible"
3. "Someone"
4. "Take You High"
5. "Piece By Piece"
6. "Run Run Run" featuring John Legend
7. "I Had a Dream"
8. "Let Your Tears Fall"
9. "Tightrope"
10. "War Paint"
11. "Dance With Me"
12. "Nostalgic"
13. "Good Goes the Bye"
14. "Bad Reputation"
15. "In the Blue"
16. "Second Wind"