Kelly Clarkson soulfully covers Tracy Chapman 'Give Me One Reason'
SiriusXM Hits 1

Is there anything Kelly Clarkson can't sing? The three-time Grammy winning singer-songwriter recently stopped by SiriusXM and yesterday, Hits 1 posted the performance of Clarkson covering Tracy Chapman's 1995 hit "Give Me One Reason" performed for a small group.

Clarkson is widely known for her pop anthems and near perfect, if not better, cover songs. Soulfully taking the mic, the sound in Clarkson's voice reminds us of why we fell in love with her 13 years ago, even bringing back the growl. The grit in her voice gives "Give Me One Reason" the right amount of blues styling without oversinging any part of the performance. As always, Clarkson always surprises and excites anytime she covers a song.

It isn't the first time Kelly Clarkson has performed the Chapman song. During her 2012 Stronger Tour, she included a slot in the setlist for what she and her band called "Fan Request". Each show, someone from the audience would tweet a song they'd like to hear. Clarkson and her band choose a song that day and learned it before the upcoming show. During her show in St. Louis, MO in March 2012, she chose "Give Me One Reason".

Fans will soon get to hear more covers by Clarkson when she embarks on her Piece by Piece Tour beginning in the summer. In a recent interview with Andy Cohen, the singer said she'll keep the "fan request" slot in due to concerts being put on YouTube, having something special at each event.

The Piece by Piece Tour begins July 11.