Open Mic: Justin has returned, but are you still a Belieber?

Bieber’s back, baby! And his meteoric return was so fast, it has given the entire world a severe case of whiplash!

Is there any one celebrity who is more polarizing than Justin Bieber? Well, maybe Kanye West. But Bieber has something even the outspoken, self-made iconic rap star is lacking: The Biebs has devoted, loyal fans who fell in love with him when they were children.

It might be scary to think about, considering the troubles he’s run into over his career, but this young star first sparked the world’s fancy by releasing the innocent, puppy love pop that earned him a devoted following of starry-eyed, single-digit-aged girls. Early swoon-worthy tracks such as “One Time,” “One Less Lonely Girl,” and “Favorite Girl” were all the kindling it took to get the Bieber fire started. And after the release of “Baby,” the wildfire blaze was unstoppable. Justin was forever.

Is it true? Is there no cure for Bieber Fever? Are you still a Belieber? We asked our AXS music crew if they thought the Biebs has really turned a corner, will this be a triumphant return or a tailspin into a spectacular crash and burn? Check out the video above to hear what the experts had to say in this exclusive AXS original video.

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