Paul McCartney returns once again to Detroit for marathon performance of hits
(The Nerdy Father)

Arguably the most musically famous, if not at least the most productive of The Beatles, Paul McCartney has spent the last two decades righting a lot of what he felt might be wrong with the world and his own personal mindset. On Wednesday night, Paul McCartney and his longtime band will return to downtown Detroit to once again rock the Motor City with some of the most well-loved pop songs in existence.

It should be noted that this will be the fifth time Paul McCartney and his current touring band will be playing in Detroit, having also played at Comerica Park and the Palace of Auburn Hills, over their nearly decade-and-a-half of playing together since 2001. And that should also be noted, as well, because this current touring band that Macca finds himself hitting the road with is now officially the longest recording or touring band the iconic singer and songwriter has ever worked with, including The Beatles and Wings, both of whom didn't last this long together. Another big difference with this current iteration of McCartney? He knows what the audience wants - and he gives it to them every time.

At 73, and having toured nearly non-stop for the last half of a century, it would be absolutely fair and probably expected to have Paul McCartney say that he was finished and looking to hang up his iconic Hofner violin bass, yet, despite that McCartney does the opposite. Tour after tour, night after night, despite growing older and older, Macca goes out there and not only does huge and massive shows, he does them for three-and-a-half hour blocks with more than 40 songs packed into each night's performance. And while Paul McCartney and his bands have always given a great live show to their crowds, it wasn't until the second half of his life, more recently on the grand scale, that he began to play his most beloved songs written with the Beatles once again. For a long time, Macca wouldn't even go near playing a Beatles song live, save for some rather rare occasion.

These days, McCartney seems to be willing to play whatever anyone wants, and to be honest, it's quite refreshing! Many legendary rock 'n' roll artists will be stingy and have a list of songs they refuse to perform, but Macca, despite not having the strong vocal abilities he had when younger, still goes out there and gets the job done to immense fan satisfaction. And that's not to say that Paul McCartney can no longer sing - which is certainly not the case. There's just a new, more rugged element to what he does. Besides, if you want to hear perfect vocals, pop on one of his dozens of records. Going to a live Paul McCartney show is like watching a marathon runner. It's not something you get to see every day.

And as noted elsewhere, whenever McCartney comes back to Detroit, he always pulls out his historic Epiphone acoustic guitar - yes, the one he wrote the Beatles' hit "Yesterday" on - and shows off his famous Detroit Red Wings sticker that he placed on the guitar after playing a show in Detroit back in the 1980s, during his time with The Wings. A fan gave him the sticker and he liked it so much, he popped it on the guitar - perhaps one of the most famous guitars out there - and it has been there ever since. But Wednesday night will be the first time that the guitar, and its legendary Red Wings memorabilia, will be at the actual current home of the Detroit Red Wings. Fans of both the Red Wings and McCartney Wings... prepare yourself for one heck of a good show.

Tickets are still available and can be purchased online here and also at the Joe Louis Arena box office.

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