Paul McCartney wants UN Climate Summit to include Meatless Mondays pledges.
Paul McCartney wants UN Climate Summit to include Meatless Mondays pledges.
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Over the weekend, Paul McCartney put out a worldwide press release on YouTube on behalf of a website he advocates called The statements released by McCartney are in support of the UN Climate Summit meet on Tuesday, September 23rd in NYC. The UN meeting is a prequel to the larger COP 21 Conference in Paris in 2015. However, McCartney is not new to using better eating as a way to promote a greener planet.

Video urging fans to win more green points

In the UK, there was a wide variety of coverage about Sir McCartney raising awareness around Meat Free Mondays. According to, the idea for vegetarian Mondays comes from World War I, but was revised in 2003 by Sid Lerner as part of the Center for a Livable Future’s projects associated with the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

This project, now called Meatless Mondays, has spread worldwide and specifically focuses on health living combined with doing something good for the planet.

Paul McCartney’s 40+ year commitment to the Earth

No stranger to a meat-free lifestyle, his former wife, the deceased Linda McCartney, was a well-known vegetarian cookbook author. They also released pro-healthy-living songs together on albums such as “Ram.” McCartney has been supportive of charities over the past four decades, and many of them have been connected to environmentalism.

In 2009, he directly promoted Meatless Mondays to the EU Council and spoke about how meat contributes to Global Warming with his motto being: “less meat means less heat.”