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Farms. Imagine Dragons. Imagine Dragons. Farms. If you look a bit closer, there is something there that seems incongruous, out of place, a bit funny in the light. Here, here’s a hint: It’s Imagine Dragons. Can you imagine a farmer listening to Imagine Dragons? It’s difficult to associate the arena sounds of “Radioactive” with tilling fields, raising crops, feedlots and rugged, small town agrarian lifestyles.

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The thing that Imagine Dragons is good at though is festivals, and it’s that realm that you’d most associate with the Las Vegas band. It’s for that reason that the group showed up at the 30th annual Farm Aid in Chicago this year. Yes, farmers may not listen to Imagine Dragons religiously, but when you’re putting together a music festival, you can’t go wrong with the Imagine Dragons theatrics, whatever your tastes are. Check out photos from their Farm Aid set above courtesy of photographer Laurie Fanelli.