Review: Kelly Clarkson releases 'Invincible' ahead of 'Piece by Piece'
Kelly Clarkson/ RCA Records

Next week, Kelly Clarkson will be releasing her sixth studio album via RCA. Piece by Piece which arrives March 3 is her post-baby album, in a new chapter, a new era and on Feb. 22, she released "Invincible" from the upcoming set via Amazon. Banging from wall to wall, the empowering anthem is an evolution of her signature big sounds.

"Invincible" happened to be the last song recorded for the new record. In several interviews over the past weeks she's talked of her voice after giving birth to River Rose, who is no doubt her biggest fan and the light of KC's life. Admitting she thought she might not be able to sing for the rest of her life, Kelly "got hammered" drinking wine letting it out to hubby Brandon. Being the finale to the sessions, Kelly's got an "Already Gone" on steroids.

It's been a long time since radio has seen a ballad from Kelly Clarkson. "Already Gone" was released as the third single from All I Ever Wanted in 2009. It's gone on to become her longest running single, the type of song that will be heard in 10 years on adult contemporary radio. "Invincible" takes the heavy drums led by her confidence. Even if she thought her voice was not in top form, the song taken from Piece by Piece is asking for the volume to be turned up straight shooting lyrics, "Beat down on me, beat down like a waterfall/ Cause I can take on so much more than I had ever dreamed/ So beat down on me, beat down like a waterfall/ Cause baby I am ready to be free."

Written by Sia and produced by what seems like a favourite producer Greg Kurstin, "Invincible" sounds like Kelly's heart and badass attitude has tamed. "Teacher, I feel the dots connecting," she sings about feeling unsure before, "running from an empty threat of emptiness" that didn't exist. No longer a "scared little girl," she's no longer hiding from the world.

Greg Kurstin has been called upon for the newest release. He's produced the lead single "Heartbeat Song" as well as the No. 1 "Stronger" while being named the sole producer for her holiday album Wrapped In Red. He also worked with Clarkson on singles "Dark Side" and "People Like Us." Kurstin's work includes P!nk's singles from 2012's The Truth About Love and album track "Love Into The Light" by Kesha among others.

"Invincible" has come to fruit as the first of five new songs said to be released throughout the week, others include "Piece By Piece," "Run, Run Run" with John Legend, "Take You High" and "Someone."

Kelly Clarkson may get hit in media from time to time but the singer-songwriter powerhouse can stand her ground and defy it all. It's all because of her deep grounding to work hard towards a vision she's had since an early age.

(Update 2/23/2015 9:55 a.m.: "Invincible" is now available on iTunes and YouTube.)