Rihanna wore the most clothing to the Met Gala, inspired the most memes

Rihanna is always one of the boldest, gutsiest and fashionably licentious celebrities to grace the red carpet, whether it be at the 2014 Council of Fashion Designers of American Awards or the 2015 Grammy Awards. She sets out to steal the show and rarely fails to do so. The 2015 Met Gala on Monday night was no exception, in fact, it may have set an all new record for the 27-year old starlet.

Unaffected by the 82 degree temperatures, Rihanna showed up the countless celebrities in sheer, floor-length négligées that left nothing to the imagination, with an imperial yellow gown, complete with a hand embroidered, fur-trimmed train that poured over the red carpet, leaving several feet of gold fabric behind her. The gown was designed by Guo Pei (which was fitting, as the theme of the night was China: Through the Looking Glass) and took over 50,000 hours over two years to complete. How did Rihanna get ahold of such a marvelous piece of Chinese couture, you ask? Why, she found it online, she told Vanity Fair.

While Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez dropped jaws by flaunting every bend and curve of their hourglass figures (believe us, no one was looking at their shoes), Rihanna inspired an instantaneous internet sensations by cloaking hers in several yards of satin. While some may have looked at the dress and seen it merely for the couturial masterpiece is was, others took a more creative—culinary, even—approach.



Ryan Sichelstiel

Steve Noah

Entertaining as they are, the memes that emerged from Rihanna's Met Gala gown fair to acknowledge that the pop icon looked incredible and was able to do so while also exercising some modesty. There's no doubt that many a mother watching the gala coverage would much rather have seen their daughter in a 20-foot train over a see-through piece of tulle fabric with strategically placed rhinestones.