Superstar Joshua Bell comes to Santa Rosa

Talk about the chance of a lifetime, world-class violinist and classical music superstar Joshua Bell will be performing at the Wells Fargo Center in Santa Rosa this Friday, Oct 24.

This man of universal appeal embodies not only a passion for his music, but likewise, a great passion for life. Far more than an artist par excellent, 47-year-old Bell is the personification of a humanitarian. Friday night’s concert is a benefit for the Santa Rosa Symphony’s youth program.

It has been said that Joshua Bell is not only at the top of his field now, “… he will be well remembered in fifty years…” He has been referred to as “The Poet of the Violin,” and as such he is currently one of the world’s most celebrated violinists. He enthralls audiences with his virtuosity and his charismatic stage presence. And, as if his sheer beauty of tone and presentation wasn’t enough… well… the icing on the cake is the 1713 Juberman Stradivarius he performs with.

Young Joshua began taking violin lessons at the age of four when his mother found that he would stretch rubber bands across the handles of his dresser drawer and pluck out the music he had heard her play on the piano. His parents found a small scale violin for him when he was five and began giving him lessons. Being brilliant and precocious did not however inhibit him from having a perfectly normal Midwestern childhood. Like any kid his age, he loved video games and he excelled at sports, namely tennis. He even placed in a national tennis tournament when he was ten.

You may remember when in 2007, Bell performed incognito in a subway station as an experiment. And recently, unannounced, he approached a boy who was busking on the street and asked if he could join him. To say the least, the young busker was awestruck.

Tickets for this special benefit concert are: $55, $100, $150, $200, AND, how’s this for a very special opportunity? For $500 per person, 80 people will get a special package that includes reserved parking, the best seats in the house a cocktail reception and dinner in the Carston Cabaret, an autographed CD and a dessert buffet at which you will have the opportunity to meet Joshua Bell in person. And, you will be supporting the San Francisco Symphony’s youth music education programs, so join the party and do yourself and Sonoma Counties’ budding musicians a favor. How can you miss?

For more information and tickets visit The Santa Rosa Symphony.