The Beach Boys release two new albums to protect their 1964 copyrights

On Dec. 2, The Beach Boys quietly released two new sets of recordings, digital only, to help protect copyright on their recordings from 1964. Keep An Eye on Summer 1964, a collection of studio recordings, and Live in Sacramento 1964, the full music from two 1964 concerts later released in edited form at Live in Concert, appeared on iTunes Tuesday. Although the studio set was posted on their website, the live set was not.

Keep An Eye on Summer 1964, which sells on iTunes for $11.99, features 46 tracks of studio outtakes and instrumental versions, plus highlights of sessions, a capella versions and recent stereo mixes. The songs featured here include “Fun Fun Fun”, “Don't Worry, Baby”, “Pom Pom Play Girl”, “I Get Around”, “Warmth of the Sun”, “All Summer Long”, “Little Honda”, “Wendy”, “Dance Dance Dance” and “She Knows Me Too Well”. Also included are four live BBC recordings from 1964 of “I Get Around”, “Johnny B. Goode”, “Graduation Day” and “Surfin' USA”.

Live in Sacramento 1964, which costs $17.99, features 37 tracks. The first 17 are taken from the first show, the second 18 from the second. An additional two tracks of “Little Honda” and “Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow” are group rehearsals. The full Sacramento concerts were released on bootleg years ago, but this marks their first release legitimately. The track lists for both albums are at the bottom of the page.

The group previously released The Big Beat 1963 last year on both and iTunes, but this year's set appears to be only on iTunes thus far.