Tiffany brings the '80s back to life at Velvet Lounge
Lucas Villa's YouTube channel

Eighties pop icon Tiffany did a short but sweet show at Velvet Lounge in Santa Ana, Calif. on Saturday (June 28). For her four-song set, she mostly pulled hits from her 1987 self-titled album and sang a recent dance track. Tiffany reflected on the good times and brought the '80s to life for the crowd at gay club.

With LGBT pride season in the air, Tiffany dropped by Velvet Lounge for a quick show packed with '80s hits. Rocking a black top with sequined jeans, she took to the club's small stage. There were a few false starts before she began performing around 12:30 a.m. “Third time is the charm,” she jokingly said when getting ready to sing her no. 1 single “Could've Been.” Tiffany was still breaking hearts like it was her heyday with the emotional performance. The high notes on the breakup ballad sounded better with age.

Tiffany also made sure to supply some great chatter in between songs. Following “Could've Been,” she used a napkin to clean her microphone while playfully saying someone would want it like the old days. One person ended up taking the prized napkin home. Reflecting on her different projects since the '80s, Tiffany winkingly thanked her fans for the opportunity to branch out in reality TV and Syfy movies. She later spiced up the evening with the electronic dance track “Move Your Body,” one of her most recent offerings.

“Move Your Body” had the crowd moving but Tiffany's original hits were the true highlights. “I'm proud of the '80s and the music from that time,” she said. Acknowledging the time that has passed since then, she added, “I just walk into a place and it's old school.” Tiffany stepped back in the time machine for “I Saw Him Standing There,” her 1987 take on The Beatles' classic. She tore up the Velvet stage with the lively jam like it was a stadium setting.

The biggest moment of the night came with Tiffany's famed cover of “I Think We're Alone Now.” She drew the most crowd response with her fun performance as onlookers drunkenly nailed the single's lyrics. The years that have passed since “Alone” hit first hit no. 1 on Billboard showed in Tiffany's vocals, which were stronger and more soulful than her '80s teen queen days. For full nostalgia overload, she flawlessly pulled off some choreography from the original music video as well.

With her appearance at Velvet, Tiffany proved that she still had it in her to put on a quite a show. The club was drenched in hip-hop and electronic music before the performance but the former pop star convinced the crowd that '80s music was still in vogue during her brief return to the spotlight.