Watch: The evolution of Justin Bieber's hair and style

When Justin Bieber first started out singing on YouTube in 2007 he only had a buzz cut but soon was growing it out. When he burst on the pop scene in 2009 he was styling his hair and brushing it forward to highlight his face. His bangs swept right over his eyes covering his forehead and ears similar to the way 70s Tiger Beat heart-throb Donny Osmond had his hair done during his years as a teen idol.

Bieber continued to style his hair this way - short, straight and casual – and inspired a generation of kids to follow suit. Demand for this style was so popular, YouTube videos were made demonstrating how to shape his bowl cut with blow drying and feathered layering.

By 2011 Justin had cut his hair. At first it was just a short pixie cut but then he started sweeping it up in the front. This hairstyle lasted for a couple of years and during that time Justin played with highlights and bleaching. Some of his fans were deeply concerned because bleaching dries out hair and causes damage. Thankfully, Justin moved away from this and recently has been growing his hair out. When he goes on tour next year, who knows, the style will likely be changed altogether.

Check out the video above to see the Biebs transform his locks through the years.