Yoko Ono's bid to make world's largest peace sign fails; hatred, war to reign

John Lennon’s 75th birthday is in a few days and to celebrate the occasion, Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono had grand designs to gather over 5,000 people in New York’s Central Park to assemble the largest human peace sign in history. It sounded like a good idea, people coming together as one to carry out John Lennon’s message of peace and equality. But out of New York City’s 8 million-plus population, only approximately 2,000 people saw fit to take time out of their schedules in the name of love and friendship, which only means one thing: hatred, bigotry and intolerance are set to continue their reigns for ages to come.

This also means that the Ithaca Festival, a non-profit in New York, still holds the world record for the world’s largest peace sign. Back in 2008, 5,814 people descended upon Stewart Park in Ithaca for the record that is in the books now.

In the end, Ono’s attempt was a good try, though the toxic mixture of loathing, police brutality, racist social media postings and catcalling proved so potent and strong that in the end, Ono’s attempt failed spectacularly.

Not all is lost, though. The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus was on hand accepting donations for its initiatives. The bus is a touring recording studio that provides children and young songwriters with the opportunity to write and record new music around the country.

In light of defeat at the hands of intractable war, beheadings, unstoppable caliphates, confusion, school shootings and irrational fear of the unknown, Ono struck a stoic yet upbeat mood, tweeting the following:

Take a look at a few more tweets below.