Next up on the BBVA Music Sessions: Ivory Layne
Ivory Layne Youtube

Making her mark on the music scene, Ivory Layne is exaclty what the music industry needs. With her fiery vocals and catchy tunes, Layne is on the fast track to becoming pop music’s next big thing. Performing at the seventh installment of the BBVA Music Sessions on Nov. 2 in Dallas at Sheraton Dallas Hotel (400 N Olive St) more event details can be found here. Pairing an old school sound with her masterful songwriting abilities, Layne is trailblazing her way to the top.

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Layne’s star quality has caught the attention of pop icon Justin Timberlake, who signed Layne to his artist development company Villa40. As a self taught music producer, Layne started out by posting demos online from her bedroom. Witness the quickly rising trajectory of this North Carolina native at the latest BBVA Music Session which will be broadcast via the AXS Facebook page on Nov. 8.