Nick Cannon challenges Eminem to a $100k rap battle

Nick Cannon made an appearance on the Tim Westwood show donning a turban and thick rimmed glasses and he talked a big game. He promoted “The Real Husbands of Hollywood” and the forthcoming season of “Wild N Out,” and he also dropped a few gems about his divorce and dating card. However, what really piqued hip-hop’s interest was a challenge he set out for Eminem.

Westwood jokingly mentioned a battle that was alluded to in the past, telling Cannon he dodged a bullet, but the television personality upped the ante challenging Eminem specifically (although he opened it up to anyone with the funds) to a rap battle with $100,000 on the line.

Eminem has all but disappeared from the limelight, and Westwood even had the audacity to imply he was dried up, “He may have run out of bars.”

Cannon claims he’d donate the winnings to charity, but that outcome is about as likely as Eminem accepting the battle in the first place. Although the legendary MC was baptized in battle rap and even played a battle rapper on “8 Mile,” we haven’t seen the man battle anyone one on one since he’s touched fame. Would he start with someone like Nick Cannon?

See the full segment on the Tim Westwood show above and take a minute to reminisce about the time Em called out Cannon on “The Warning” below.