Nick Sanders Trio to bring unique original compositions to New Orleans Jazz Fest

Nick Sanders Trio is pretty new to the music scene, though Sanders is far from a novice. Born in New Orleans, he grew up listening to Jazz and Classical music from a young age, and now leads his own trio which plays his original compositions and will perform at the New Orleans Jazz Festival on Saturday, May 3.

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Nick Sanders started playing piano at eight years old, and 15 years later, he and his friends and fellow New England Conservatory graduates Connor Baker (drums) and Henry Fraser (bass) formed a trio. With Connor and Henry only 21 and Nick now 26 years old, this is the band to see if you want to hear something completely different from anything else at Jazz Fest. The Trio plays from Nick's compositions, incorporating improvisation.

When asked about his compositional approach, Nick replied, "It varies from time to time. Sometimes I'm improvising and playing around with stuff and if I like it I'll take out my phone and record, and then I'll go do something else and come back to it later to see if I still like it and keep developing from there. Sometimes I'll do it in one sitting, depending on how I feel."

And while Nick came from a strong classical background combined with jazz, his music is something that everyone can enjoy.

"It's not too intellectual like high art because I feel like a lot of the melodies are melodic and accessible and we go absolutely wild together playing crazy tempos.... I'm trying to push the envelope and do new and different, creative things," said Sanders.

They definitely aren't the typical New Orleans traditional jazz band, although those influences could occasionally arise. There's sure to be plenty of variety and freshness from the and at Jazz Fest.

"I think it's going to be awesome! We'll do some crazy stuff that will really wake people up and I guarantee that it's completely different than anything else that's being played there," said Sanders.

Nick Sanders Trio made their Sunnyside Records debut with "Nameless Neighbors" and they're currently recording another record under the label. Nick is also recording another record after Jazz Fest with saxophonist Logan Strosahl, placing a focus on the Great American Songbook selections.

Nick Sanders Trio
Jazz Fest Performance: Saturday, May 3, 2014
Genre: Jazz
Go see this if: You want to hear new, unique compositions for a piano, bass, and drum trio