Nicki Minaj promises funds to students in need of help with tuition and student loans

Nicki Minaj was in a generous mood on Saturday. It all began when the rapper tweeted that she would fly out a contest winner to spend time with her at the Billboard Music Awards. Minaj tweeted “Ya muva makes enough money to fly members of #TheKingdom out from ANY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!!!!” One twitter user thought that if Minaj “makes enough money” then maybe she could help her out with her college tuition. Lo and behold, Minaj came through. You can check out some of the tweets below.

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Minaj responded six minutes later saying that she would help out if CJ’s grades were good enough. For Minaj that meant straight As. Minaj then upped the ante by asking who else needed help. As The Guardian reported, Minaj’s twitter account was flooded with request for help with tuition or student loans. When it was all said and done Minaj promised aid to over 30 students totaling over $30,000, and it appears that Minaj is making good on her promises. TMZ reported that one fan had already received $500. Our hats go off to Nicki for her generous donations to student in need.