Night Argent encourages fans to give to local homeless shelters with single 'Cold (Carol of the Bells)'
Shot by Justin Frick

Washington state based rock band, Night Argent, has a timeless message that's especially relevant during the holiday season. Their home state has a very high homeless population, and because of the severity of how cold it can get in Washington, the band decided to film in only their bare feet and the bare minimum clothes. They filmed in Spokane, Washington in freezing temperatures. Additionally, the song was created in an effort to spread awareness of those less fortunate this holiday season, especially the homeless who are often left out in the cold without proper clothing or shelter. The band released the video for “Cold (Carol of the Bells)” last year to encourage their fans to volunteer at local shelters and donate food and clothing to those in need. As a holiday gift, they're giving the song away for free on their website this year, and continuing to encourage fans to give back to those in need.

In an exclusive statement to AXS, the band says, "with temperatures dropping below freezing, its more important than ever to help those in need. Help us #FightTheCold by donating to your local shelters and by sharing this message with your friends and family! And as a thank you to everyone for their support, we're giving away free downloads of "Cold" on our website!!" By helping Night Argent fight the cold and help the homeless, they're giving away a FREE download of "Cold." Get yours here!

Be sure to check out the video and remember to donate to your local homeless and help those less fortunate #FightTheCold.

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