Nile Rodgers says cancer prognosis is '100% recovery'

If there’s any artist out there who truly exemplifies the spirit of their music, it’s Chic’s Nile Rodgers. The veteran songwriter has been hard at work this year, having been individually honored by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with the Award For Musical Excellence, performed at Glastonbury and was the featured subject of a BBC mini-series on his career as a true hit-maker. With all the time Nile spends on stage and in airplanes, it’s hard to imagine the ageless musician ever finding a reason to slow down and stop dancing.

Apparently, that’s nearly what happened during a tour with Earth Wind and Fire earlier this year, when an untimely case of E.coli led to revealing that Rodgers was once again diagnosed with cancer. As Pitchfork reports, a blog post shared to Rodgers’ website on Tuesday revealed exactly what the iconic songwriter has had to deal with over the past 12 months.

“2016 and 2017 had been banner years for me: I mean we played to millions of people, set multiple attendance records, and I had a string of Billboard #1 dance hits,” the 65-year-old wrote in a lengthy catch-up post. “During my brief stay in the hospital to treat E.coli, the doctors discovered a mysterious growth on my right kidney which looked like cancer … two different cancers within one mass.”

Rodgers would explain how he would continue his busy concert schedule before returning to New York City to undergo surgery. Thankfully he had a good team of doctors in his corner, as he revealed that he’s now 100 percent into his recovery.

His health issues seemed to have delayed what Rodgers’ refers to as the “big plans” that were supposed to unfold in 2017. This time last year he also blogged that a new Chic album should have arrived by now, but fans should expect it to finally get a release sometime in 2018.