Nina Kotova releases great classical album 'Rachmaninov - Prokoflev: Cello Sonatas'
Photo by Warner Classics, permission to use.

Russian-born cellist Nina Kotova releases a second recording with Warner Classics called Rachmaninov - Prokoflev: Cello Sonatas, and it establishes a classical piece that emits the soul of her homeland. Kotova plays beautifully in this release and is accompanied by pianist Fabio Bidini.

Nina Kotova's new album, Rachmaninov - Prokoflev: Cello Sonatas, is relaxing with a sound that evokes all things ethereal. Her cello has a beautiful and crisp tone that carries consistently throughout the whole album. Every piece seems to be played with the effort possible so the music can be heard at its best.

As for Fabio Bidini, an Italian-born pianist, his skills are just a superb as Kotova is on the cello. The piano pieces to each song complement the Kotova’s cello at sublime levels. Both musicians superbly play their instruments in this album as if they were playing them for the last time and wanting to reach the heavens with such grand playing.

 Every piece in Rachmaninov - Prokoflev: Cello Sonatas is grand to the ear and mind. These songs are very pretty and reach levels pure musicianship. Kotova is a excellent cello player and has a nice touch for the Russian classical style. Again, the piano pieces by Bidini are also sublime and fits a a superb backbone for Kotova’s album.  Rachmaninov - Prokoflev: Cello Sonatas by Nina Kotova is worth every second to listen to and must be included in the classical music library for all that love this genre.

Track listing for Nina Kotova
Rachmaninov & Prokofiev - Cello Sonatas

Cello Sonata in G minor, Op.19
1. Lento — Allegro moderato 
2. Allegro scherzando
3. Andante
4. Allegro mosso

Cello Sonata in C, Op.119
5. Andante grave
6. Moderato
7. Allegro, ma non troppo

8. Romance (No.5: Andante cantabile from 6 pieces, Op.51)
9. Meditation (No.5 from 18 pieces, Op.72)