No Doubt to release debut album on vinyl for 25th anniversary
No Doubt/Vevo

It may me tough for kids today to believe, but there was once a really fun time in music when television’s Gwen Stefani was an attitude-driven punk singer who put a ton of horns on her debut album along with her equally fun band, No Doubt. The band’s 1992 self-titled LP would go on to give Gwen and No Doubt their big break as one of the premiere ska-punk acts to come out of the southern California music scene. Initially released on CD, cassette and ultimately digital download, the band announced on Sunday that No Doubt be released on vinyl for its 25th anniversary this spring.

Released back on March 17, 1992, No Doubt laid the initial foundation for the band who would help bring ska back to mainstream radio throughout the rest of the decade and beyond. According to Sunday’s announcement, 100 copies of a limited edition color vinyl will also be signed by the five members of the band who appeared on the album, including Gwen’s brother Eric, who helped write almost every song on the 14-track LP before leaving the group in 1996. The vinyl’s two-tone (plenty of ska pun intended) color scheme matches the original yellow and black patterns that made up the fun bubble lettering the band used in their logo. The vinyl release also comes with various bundle options for those looking to also get some old-school apparel.

Sunday's announcement didn’t come with a release date, so it is unclear at the moment as to whether or not it will be available for purchase for the holidays or if fans will have to wait until March.

Upon its release, No Doubt was not the immediate debut success that Interscope was hoping for. The band would even go on to independently release the album's first single, “Trapped in a Box," on their own. Pay attention kids, because this was a huge move back in the days where labels had all the power in music and indie releases wouldn’t become a thing for at least another 10 years.

Fans can check out the various package options on the album’s pre-order page by clicking here.