Noisey Specials presents - Screaming Females: A Lance Bangs Documentary
Noisey (via

As part of a two-part post, Noisey Specials presented a documentary film by Lance Bangs following the DIY-punk trio Screaming Females on tour.

Noisey, VICE’s music channel, presented the tour documentary on March 6 featuring the New Brunswick-born group traveling on the long road musicians weather with acclaimed filmmaker Lance Bangs in the director’s chair, capturing with great distinction the highs and lows of tour life; a quintessential aspect of every band’s structure.

Bangs shadows the group everywhere they wander, documenting thoughts and asking the groundbreaking questions that get intimate and personal to reveal the character buried within the performers.

From back on the homestead to out on the road cramped in their van, basement rehearsals and their own beds, Screaming Females is painted in the light of which they authentically exist, from the gritty and celebrated punk group that wallops the stage with frenzy and fervor, to the real people that make up what they accomplish. Both fronts are captured with great detail.

Throughout the two videos, footage documents the band meeting Ian Mackaye in his basement practice space, singer Marissa Paternoster opens up about her personal struggle with Fibromyalgia and the group, strangely enough, reveals their love for sleeping on cat beds. Meaning, in a way, you pretty much get every facet of who the band is as both people and performers.

Bangs’ documentary is set to coincide with Screaming Females’ new LP Rose Mountain, out on blank, presenting a very intimate and powerful visual of the group while they take to the road in 2015.

Part two can be viewed here.