'Not My President': a monthly show of resistance
RoseAnn Fino

With all the political debates going on, everyone everywhere has found themselves standing up for their beliefs in any way possible. Many protests have been marched, petitions have been signed and representatives have been called.  

RoseAnn Fino, a NY musician, has found another useful way to resist actions we are against: music. Music is a powerful, useful outlet we can use to express ourselves  and Fino organized "Not My President", a monthly show of resistance to do just that.  

"We are resisting the effect Trump and his administration wants to have on us and the people of this country." -RoseAnn Fino, event organizer/founder 

The show will be donating half of its door fee to organizations they stand by, with the first being Planned Parenthood. "In only a month, he [Trump] has put our undocumented immigrants in fear with countless threats and ICE raids, he has prevented our Muslim brothers and sisters from getting back to their homes with his Muslim ban, his party has promised to defund Planned Parenthood, he has elected officials who have proven through their actions and words that their positions come from a place of bigotry and hatred, he has promised to overturn the ACA with no backup plan for our health care" says Fino.  "All of these promises and many others, we plan to resist by taking to the streets, by singing on stages, and by raising money for the organizations we believe in, the organizations that are keeping us and our brother and sisters safe".   

While many of us are not standing down, some people still feel their voices will not be heard and when asked why she felt it was important to do this show, Fino tells AXS "It may feel like you can't make a difference, you may feel like your drowning in all this chaos, but if we all start small and within our communities, I believe we can make a real difference.  And plus... it feels really good to just yell 'I'm not going to stand for this!'"

The first show of this monthly event will be held on Feb. 19 at the Legion Bar at 8:30 p.m. in Brooklyn and will feature Christine Cherry, Amos Rose, Billy Conahan, Dylan DeBiase, RoseAnn Fino And The Lovely Misfits

Planned Parenthood will be providing pamphlets and information so we can all stay well-informed and stop being misled by officials' opinions. Rockthebutton.com will also be there selling pins where proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood and ACLU Nationwide.